At Health & Care, our story is deeply rooted in the personal journey of our founder..

Our Story

It’s a journey that began as Ms. Fakira embarked on her career in Information Technology (IT), filled with excitement and ambition. As she climbed the corporate ladder, she also experienced the everyday challenges of long hours at a desk, staring at computer screens, and enduring endless meetings.

An Unwelcome Companion

The Price of a Sedentary Lifestyle

However, amidst the hustle and bustle of her IT career, Fakira began to notice discomfort that gradually escalated into persistent lower back pain. It was a pain that not only affected her work but also her overall well-being. Countless hours spent hunched over keyboards and a sedentary lifestyle had taken their toll, making pain and stiffness unwelcome companions in her daily life.

But Fakira didn’t give in. She set out on a quest to find a solution to her back pain, one that went beyond temporary relief. In her journey, she discovered a back brace design that corrected her sitting posture and offered the support her lower back desperately needed. The relief was remarkable, sparking new hope in Fakira’s life. She collaborated with manufacturers to create this revolutionary back brace and this is how PosturePal was born.

Addressing The Issue Right From The Root Cause

Determined to share her newfound discovery, Fakira ventured further into the realm of back health and wellness. She delved into the science of posture correction and core-strengthening exercises, recognizing that addressing the root causes of back pain was the key to long-term relief. Collaborating with Certified Physiotherapists, she developed comprehensive exercise courses designed to strengthen the lower back, improve posture, and reduce body stiffness.

But she didn’t stop there. She understood that lasting change required consistency and habit formation. So, she introduced the Habit Tracker, a simple yet powerful tool to help individuals stay on track with their exercises and lifestyle adjustments.

Our Mission

Dedicated to Breaking the Chains of Back Pain

Today, Health & Care embodies Fakira’s journey. We are dedicated to helping others break free from the chains of back pain, just as she did. Our mission is to provide individuals with the same transformative experience that PosturePal and core exercises brought to her life.

Start Your Transformation with Health & Care Today!

We invite you to join us on this journey to better back health and well-being. Together, we can transform lives, one posture, one exercise, and one habit at a time. Welcome to Health & Care – your partner on the path to a pain-free, healthier future.