Why people go for Monopolar Radiofrequency and Titan treatments?


non invasive monopolar radiofrequencyIn this world, not all persons are born equal who can boast of flawless skin. On the other hand, due to various reasons skin of a person starts diminishing. Thus it causes a major embarrassment to a person, when s/he starts getting double chin or other skin ailments like sagging skin, sagging neck, jowls, face, tummy, thighs or arms. In this scenario the person in question looks for various non-invasive skin treatments like double chin, skin lifting, body skin lifting and face lifting. In most of the cases doctors usually prescribe invasive methods or surgical procedures to control wrinkles. But when you follow or choose non-invasive methods you have various advantages before you like you will look younger and results are proven. Within a week or two you get stable results, you also get minimal risk of infection or scarring and you get a natural look too.

However, a person will be able to get most appropriate treatment based on several factors like the quality of the skin a person is having, history or prior treatments, medical history of a person, like s/he has been suffering from any major ailment etc. and last but not the lease a person’s ability to tolerate downtime.

Unfortunately people are still looking forward to traditional methods of treatment to enhance their skin and it’s a matter of concern that they are just ignoring two good procedure of skin treatment like Monopolar Radiofrequency or Thermage and Titan. Fortunately the aim of these procedures has been to provide heat in the deeper layer of the dermis or skin.

Monopolar Radiofrequency (Thermage)

This procedure has been in existence for the last 10 years now; its main job has been to non-invasively tighten skin around the eyes, chin, jawline and body. In this type of treatment around 90% of patients get noticeable tightening of the treated areas and the skin looks awesome. In order the skin to remain flawless this procedure has to be repeated every 1-3 years as required in order to maintain the results.

 Titan has been yet another completely non-invasive non-surgical skin tightening treatment which uses infrared light to heat the dermis, thus inspiring new collagen production and incredibly firming loose skin. In this method loose skin can easily be tightened throughout the body. Some of the highly demanded areas for treatment include chin, face, neck, upper arms and abdomen.

Most of the patients require around 2 or 3 treatments for over a few months, it depends from person to person.

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