Why Hands free mobile chat or texting while driving is dangerous?

chatting on mobile phone while drivingA new small study which comprised researchers from Australia and Spain revealed recently that hands free conversation or texting while driving can said to be as dangerous as driving a vehicle after hard drinking Researchers said that phone conversation requires too much attentiveness to a person when s/he has been talking, this also holds true for texting also which also require alertness. But all this could become dangerous when a person drives.

During the course of the study 12 university students took two driving-simulation tests, once when they consumed alcohol and when they used headphones with a microphone with a hands-free system. Researchers said that in the study they did not include people who were habitual drinkers or had never consumed alcohol. The study participants maintained their vehicle’s position in the center of the left lane and had a speed of 40 and 50 miles per hour, they had to apply brake as and when a truck appeared.

According to the study co-author Sumie Leung Shuk Man, a researcher at the University of Barcelona, they noticed that when drivers required more attention, their alcohol level analogue shot-up significantly. While texting also when the study participants were answering text message, their alcohol-level analogue reached 1 gram per liter, which is illegal in various countries like United States and United Kingdom. Leung Shuk Man revealed, that they require more research to determine as to how they could be regulated.

Researchers said that roughly two-thirds (68%) of young drivers 18 to 20 years intend to answer incoming calls while driving and most of these people continue to drive at higher rates. This could be the reason why these young drivers have the highest incidence of near-crash experiences compared to other groups. Most of the accidents occur while mostly young drivers are busy while talking on their cell-phones.

Researchers says they have noticed that drivers under the age 25 are bound to send text messages while driving compared to older age groups. NHTSA while commenting in a survey on the attitude and behavior of 6,000 drivers 18 and older from all 50 states in the United States said that while in a passenger seat, youngsters under 25 will not object to a driver of taxi/car rental who is busy on a phone or texting, while older than this age are very much concern about their safety and could object to the driver.
If you love your loved ones don’t mix chatting or texting while driving, pay attention to the traffic rules and reach safely at your location Good Luck!

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