Why daughters and sons from divorced families start smoking remains unanswered?


adult smoking in teensDivorce not only put an end to a crucial relationship between a man and woman, but also segregates the whole family. Recently a new study by University of Toronto published online this month in the Journal “Public Health” revealed that “both daughters and sons from divorced families significantly turn towards smoking as compared to their peers from intact families”. The study involved 19,000 Americans. The study highlighted that men who encounter parental divorce before attaining the age of 18 had 48% higher chance of ever smoking 100 or more cigarettes than men whose parents did not divorce. On the other hand women whose parents intend to initiate divorce or are divorced has 30% higher chance of smoking in comparison to women from intact families.

According to lead author Esme Fuller Thomson, this finding with a link between parental divorce and smoking has been found very disturbing. The researchers have found various factors for this link between divorce and smoking. For example, factors like lower levels of education or adult income among the children of divorce. These children also encounter adult mental health issues like depression/anxiety etc. Moreover other co-occurring early childhood traumas like “parental addictions, childhood physical, sexual or emotional abuse”. Thus each of this factor reveal a strong and significant association between parental divorce and smoking, the author argued.

The study titled “The Gender-specific Association Between Childhood Adversities and Smoking in Adulthood” which was carried on 7,850 men and 11506 women in the age group 18 and over. But researchers failed to understand the exact cause of children turning towards smoking after divorce of their parents. But study’s co-author become upset due to the divorce of their parents. Thus in order to cope with emotions and stress they start smoking. A few researchers said that this act of calming i.e. smoking attract those children who would have encountered one of the adversaries stated above.

Another co-author of the study Candace Lue-Crisostoman said, “The findings of the study suggest that adults from divorced families start smoking but as to when and why they smoke needs to be find out.”

Thus, it will be crucial if remedial action should be initiated at the very outset like as soon as parents get divorced or children turn towards smoking to beat the stress level. You might perhaps aware about the ill effects of smoking, as cigarette smoking leads to chronic illness and premature death. Smoking on the other hand hurts young people’s fitness and leads to addiction to nicotine and can cause lung cancer.

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