Weight loss surgery, adjustable gastric banding is gradual but steady

weight loss surgeryThe mere word of weight loss brings a sort of sensation in the minds of people. You can find innumerable diets, equipment and procedures introduced for weight loss. However, it depends on the body of an obese, whether a particular procedure might work or not. Obese often cross their fingers as and when a new weight loss diet or procedure comes into the market, and expect that these things may work and they could get relief from it.

One such weight loss procedure has been the gastric banding surgery or laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. Gastric banding has been touted as a minimal invasive weight loss procedure where various small cuts known as incisions has to be placed in the belly along with small surgical tools and a camera.


In order to get a breakthrough or to achieve weight loss doctors wrap a device around the upper part of the stomach so as to form a ring. A thin tube now has to be attached which leads to access port where doctors place needle to add or take away saline. When doctors add saline it tightens the band and thus makes stomach smaller. If the ring becomes tight doctors take away saline.

Restrictive surgeries or Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding

Unlike gastric banding, this procedure also helps in weight loss. In restrictive surgeries doctors uses different techniques to curtail the stomach size. After restrictive surgery a person feels full and eats less, thus loses weight.

After the surgery

After going through X-Ray one day after the surgery you will be asked to start moving, which will help your body to heal quickly. You will also be offered pain medicine.

During the first two weeks only liquids will suit you as they will boost the healing process. It depends on the stature of a person as to how s/he feels after the surgery. For example, some people will feel full after sipping small amount of water or other liquid. While other people won’t see any breakthrough. Your doctor will advise you to sip small amount of water throughout the day, so that dehydration don’t bother you. After surgery you will notice that your bowl movements don’t seem regular. Avoid being constipation.

After a few days you will start using solid diet. After this procedure you have to chew food well and when feeling full you should immediately stop eating lest you may encounter the condition of nausea or vomiting. A dietician will help you to plan your diet correctly i.e. how much vitamins, proteins and minerals you will have to take. When you start eating solid food your doctor will adjust the band around your stomach. Remember weight loss surgery is gradual but steady.

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