Vitamin C Supplements found responsible for forming kidney stones


vitamincsupplementsThere are so many studies taking place all around the world which focus on different diseases and conditions. Recently, a Swedish study by Dr. Brian Matlaga a urologist who has specialization in kidney stones at Johns Hoppins Medicine in Baltimore revealed that men who take Vitamin C supplements are at higher risk of developing kidney stones.  However, the findings haven’t proved that Vitamin was responsible for forming stones.  The aim of the study was to caution men who usually take vitamin C supplements regularly.  In other words, according to Dr. Matlaga, the study suggests that men who take regular vitamin C put themselves at a greater risk of developing kidney stones.

The Swedish study was carried on 907 men who were regularly taking Vitamin C supplements. There were other 22,000 persons who also took part in the study and did not use supplement at all. The researchers revealed that those men who took vitamin C supplements at least for one day had the higher risk of kidney stones.

What are kidney stones? –  If you get perplexed to know, what are kidney stones? The answer could be that kidney stones are formed in the form of small crystals which are formed by calcium combining with oxalate.  They can be easily passed on but cause severe pain.  Large stones are removed after the surgery.

It is a fact that men have been found developing more stones than women.  No doubt vitamin C has remained an essential part of our diet. But if taken in small quantity would not result in any complication. For example, in the United States, Vitamin C supplements come in either 500 or 1000 mg.  But U.S. Institute of Medicine advocates 90 mg per day for men. Like a small glass or orange juice or a cup of broccoli and for women the recommended quantity is 75 mg. Matlaga concluded, still more research is needed to highlight on this issue.

Another study highlights that Melamine chemical triggers kidney stones – A study by Dr. Kenneth Spaet, Director of the Occupational and Environmental medicine Center at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, NY said a melamine chemical which is often found in some dishware might increase the chances of kidney stones.  According to Dr. Kenneth, melamine is often found in kitchenware like bowls, mugs, plates etc., thus melamine could easily migrate into food.  According to a Taiwanese study led by Chia Fang Wu of Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan, revealed that melamine tableware often release large amount of melamine when they are used to serve high temp foods.  More details about this study can be had from Jan 21 Journal Jama Internal Medicine.

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