Truth about hair dyes safety, causes of hair loss, redness or itchy skin


Using hair dye safelyWe all intend to look smart and elegant wherever we go and use various harsh cosmetics on our fragile and delicate body. Likewise for our hair also we use different colors to look a bit different from others, but in this melee we forget that our skin has been delicate and we are humans but inadvertently using harsh chemicals with which we wash the dirty lien. If you look around that every day millions of people are searching for henna hair dye, best hair dye, organic hair dye, hair dye colors, silver hair dye, semi permanent hair dye, revlon hair dye, hair dye brands, splat hair dye, black hair dye, clairol hair dye etc. almost daily. But did you know that we hair dye and hair relaxers can hurt our skin, eyes and other parts with which our skin comes in contact if we are not careful from the beginning.

Different salons use different types of hair dyes and shampoo. Some hair dyes are permanent in nature and cannot be washed out quickly with shampoo and you have to use shampoo several times to wash your delicate hair. However, all hair dyes would definitely do wrong with your skin in the long run. Some of the problems which you can face with hair dyes include hair loss, redness or itchy skin, swelling in the face or burning sensation in the body, sometime you can encounter trouble breathing.

But how can you use hair dye safely?

But the billion dollar question could be how you can use hair dye safely. No matter which famous brand you intend to use for hair dye, you may like to pay attention to the caution or warning statements etched on the box of the hair dye.

  •  Moreover, as has been written in hair dye boxes you must test the hair dye on your skin, for example, rub a tiny bit of dye behind your ear or inside your elbow, to feel any untoward sensation if any.
  •  Never ever leave the dye on your hair for too long as has been prescribed on the box.
  •  Don’t use hair dye on your eyebrows or eyelashes. You could burn your eyes or get an infection.
  •  After testing the dye on your skin, if you experience any rash don’t use it.
  •  Keep all hair dyes at bay from children.

 Using hair dye during pregnancy

A majority of researchers have revealed that it has been safe to use hair dye color during pregnancy. But using high doses of hair color(s) having chemicals in it may cause much harm. Remember when you use you are feeding dye not only to your scalp but to your bloodstream also. Nobody knows which brand of dye could play havoc with your type of hair.

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