Tinnitus can be treated with 100% suppression but…


tinnitus can be treated with 100% suppressionPeople acquire the condition of tinnitus in which an individual experience ringing, whistling, hissing or buzzing sound in their ear though these sounds are not present in their surroundings. One of the major reasons for tinnitus has been the exposure to excessive noise. While sometime, tinnitus occurs due to after effect of certain medicines. Tinnitus also occur due to jaw joint problem called Temporo-mandibular joint or TMJ. Tinnitus can be described as a fault in hearing system or auditory system. It could said to be a warning signal in normal people revealing that you should protect yourself from excessive noise. Some other reasons for tinnitus are:

Due to middle ear infection or otitis media, glue ear or otitis media with infusion, paget’s disease, due to earwax, anemia. An audiologist will be able to evaluate the condition of tinnitus and can divulge whether tinnitus can possibly be treated or it requires further examination or treatment. Some specialists provide Vitamin B12 and people with this condition can get some relief from tinnitus.

Treatment for tinnitus

Various researchers are going on in this field for so many years, and researchers do get some breakthrough in controlling tinnitus. For example, SoundCure company thinks positive and has been of view that tinnitus can be treated. According to this company sound therapy plays an important role in controlling tinnitus. The company has introduced Serenade, a simple and flexible sound therapy which has been customized for tinnitus.

The company has been looking for some breakthrough since 2006, when the researchers from University of California, Irvine (UCI) started working with a patient for a cochlear implant who had tinnitus. The researchers adopted all the approaches to treat tinnitus but failed to provide relief to the patient. But when they applied a low frequency sound at comfortable loudness through patient’s cochlear implant they discovered the patient got some relief for the first time. The patient divulged that he was astonished to find calming, pleasant tone produced by the low-rate stimulus.

The company has come out with S-Tones** which have been touted as temporally patterned sounds which when dealt with correctly cause neurons to fire synchronously to the sound stimulus in the auditory cortex. Researchers have described tinnitus suppression works differently than masking to divert patient’s attention.

However, in order to treat your tinnitus your audiologist will be able to treat you according to your present condition through S-tones.

*An important update from SoundCure company:

“There is no cure for tinnitus.  The Serenade sound therapy device can provide relief from tinnitus through the use of Serenade’s S-Tones, which are softer, low volume tones, pitch matched to the tinnitus sound and rapidly modulated which, researchers say, can have the effect of reducing the patient’s sound burden.”

**The results of the JARO study showed that the amplitude modulated sounds [of the S-Tones] were four times more likely to offer a reduction in tinnitus perception than white noise, and were the most effective of all the tested treatment sounds.  Researchers concluded that “modulated sounds should be used because they may be more effective in reducing hyperactive neural activities associated with tinnitus.”

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