Students who take fresh fruits and veggies get ahead in exams


students taking fruits and veggiesStudents all over the world have to pass through various stressful situations as far as their study goes. Students like junk food so much so that they forget about the nutritious value of the fruits and vegetables. According to dieticians belonging to various reputed healthcare centers in India and abroad, relying on seasonal fruits, veggies and salads coupled with different breathing exercise during the course of study helps students to concentrate effectively during their study.

We know that majority of students usually study at a stretch of four to five hours. During this period if they follow a healthy diet during their study sessions and exam days they can boost their concentration levels and thus reduce their stress level. According to healthcare dieticians, foods like oats, baby corn, wholegrain bread, cheese contain complex carbohydrates which releases glucose very slowly and provide energy to body over a period of time. If you often crave for midnight snack take some fresh veggies while having sandwich.

According to doctors and dieticians children can take walnuts and almonds along with fresh juices when they study. These foods have been found rich in antioxidants and fatty acids like omega6 and omega3 which helps in vitalizing the body by curbing stress level.

Moreover children could be given chocolate milk and buttermilk as they provide the required calories. Thus, intake of these foods help in nourishing the body and student do not feel lethargic and face muscles cramps. While studying students should take a break of 15 minutes and stroll in the terrace and balcony. This small exercise will freshen the mind of children and they will be able to tackle fatigue.

Students may also turn to yoga for breathing exercise at regular intervals. All these measures will help you a lot but they don’t work if you turn towards junk food often. Talk to your doctor about your diet and you will discover that all aerated drinks, potatoes, fried chicken and cheese will create havoc in your body. Did you know that high sugar content in your diet will affect concentration and excess calories result in lethargy?

Avoiding fast foods especially when students prepare for their exams seems injurious to health and thinking power of children. In order to surge ahead it is necessary to involve in bouts of exercise and maintain their fitness level so that muscles recover and shape up the body faster. It is time to turn towards nourishing food instead of junk food to get ahead in exams. Good Luck!


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