Staying healthy with nutritious diet


Importance of staying healthy with nutritious foodRecently University of Scranton came up with the idea of using the power of Monday to inculcate good habits in people and have offer advice in the form of Monday Campaigns. The university thought it wise that Monday’s are just like January of the year. Now that we are yet again entering into a new year, and of course most of us would definitely make resolutions, if we like the idea, we can take those resolutions for coming years as well. After all it has been our life and we can work on our goals and make our life better and hence prosper in any field.

Relying on Nutritious Diet – this question would have bothered to most of the people as to what a nutritious diet contain? This diet often includes different varieties of food like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, lean protein. Choose that food which you like and fit firmly on your lifestyle and budget. Say no, no to junk food or oily food at all cost. No doubt you would get the taste of your life for a life, but it will break your immune system forever.

So starting from this Monday till we achieve our goals, we can keep the Monday resolution and start relying on nutritious diet, if you have probably chooses this goal. Let Monday be your meatless day for ever.

Teach your kids the value of nutritious diet – Children are easily tempted by great junk food advertisements and they want to mimic the character or actor in the advertisement by buying junk food. Inculcate good habits in them and convince them on the nation “they would become what they eat”! Choose healthy recipes and involve children in making a new nutritious recipe and tell them the importance of nutritious food in their diet.

Quit smoking – Yes seriously make it a resolution to quit smoking, it may take up to 10 or 11 attempts when you will be able to quit smoking. When you take nutritious food, you would definitely shun smoking.

 While caring others you should maintain your health as well – If you are taking care of your old-age parents, loved ones, children or people with disabilities at home. You should make efforts to take care of yourself as well and frequently eat rich quality diet. Moreover, take care that stress level should not usurp at all costs.

However, to make our life easy American Heart Association has given the following advice to adults to take 2000 calories of healthy diet:

  • Take 4.5 cups of fruits and vegetables in a day
  • Consume oily fish around 3.5 ounce servings in a week
  • Take 1 ounce fiber-rich whole grains serving a day
  • Obtain less than 1,500 mg of sodium in a day
  • Your sugar-sweetened beverages quantity should not increase 36 ounce in a week
  • Consider nuts, legumes and seeds – 4 servings a week
  • Take saturated fat less than 7%

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