Revealed how fast food triggers asthma, eczema and rhinitis


fast food responsible for asthma and eczemaIf you are one of those who rely mostly on junk food like burgers, sodas, chips, cakes and what not, you will be in for a shock. Recently an international study conducted by Auckland University’s pediatrics department revealed in the respiratory journal Throax, that if you are taking three or more servings of fast food during a week you are prone to severe asthma, eczema and rhinitis. This study was carried on half a million children and adolescents. The researchers said that all those persons including kids and teenagers have 39% to 27% chances of suffering from asthma.

Why Asthma occurs?

Most of us have heard in our biology classes that asthma has been the result of overactive immune system. But till date doctors haven’t got any breakthrough regarding what triggers asthma. However, only some of the facts suggest that some of the allergens like dust, smoke or pollen enhance the risk of asthma. Due to the massive immune reaction a person encounter inflammation of the airways. Asthma attacks different in different people like in some people asthma attack occurs due to cold air or exercise, some people notice that heartburn triggers asthma. Due to stress also people encounter asthma attack. Sometime changes in menstrual cycle lead to asthma.

Coming back to the news the researchers found that asthma in adolescents occurs due to intake of butter, pasta and margarine. But here fruits come as a savior. Fruits protect humans from allergic conditions. When you eat three or more portions of fruit they reduce severe asthma between 11% to 14% among teenagers and children. Did you know that fast food have been laced with high levels of saturated and fatty acids which affects the immunity? Fruit on the other hand are rich in antioxidants and contain other benefits also.

The above study was a part of International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood, it has been a huge research project which is associated with more than 100 countries and includes around two million children from around the world. However, earlier also various studies have highlighted as to how fast food adversely affect on the dietary quality and can increases the risk of obesity.

If you are a parent and want to see your kids look awesome with good health it is time to inculcate good habit of eating fresh food, fruits and vegetables, rather than relying on fast food, which leads to various diseases including asthma, eczema and rhinitis.

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