Red wine, brandy and whiskey cause hangovers

condition of hangoverIt’s party time and festive season is on the threshold, a majority of people will certainly have to pass through hangover. The condition of hangover follows when people over-indulge in undue drinking and feel guilty when they wake up with a hangover.

Some of the symptoms of hangover include headache, dry throat, redness of eyes, queasy stomach, fatigue and feeling thirsty. Sometime people experience tremors, rapid heartbeat, muscle aches, and sweating too. People with this condition also feel depressed, irritated, anxiety and dizziness.

What causes hangover?

  • If you drink alcohol in excess, toxins build up in your body which causes hangover.
  • Furthermore a chemical with the name acetaldehyde has also been found liable for severe symptom of a hangover.
  • Moreover dark spirits like red wine, brandy and whiskey have also been found accountable for hangover.
  • If you drink cheaper spirits they also cause worst feeling of hangover as in these drinks a few impurities are removed which causes this condition.
  • Body weight of a person has also been found responsible for hangover as a smaller stature means greater hangover.
  • Mixing several drinks like whisky with tequila have also been found accountable for the condition of hangover.

Natural remedies for hangovers

However, there are several ways which have been found to control the condition hangovers in a natural way.

  • You can take the assistance of herbs like Taraxacum officinalis or dandelion to tackle with this condition.
  • Besides herbs like Pelargonium reniforme, Foeniculum vulgare can serve to flush out the system and can help in rejuvenating the liver function and eliminate bloating.
  • If you can’t escape drinking, ensure to take small amount of drink. Small amounts of better quality alcohol cause fewer symptoms.
  • When you drink on an empty stomach it causes hangover.
  • Eat a good amount of food or large meal before drinking. When you take a large meal before drinking it slows down the rate of alcohol absorption into bloodstream.
  • You should eat foods like toast or crackers to relieve nausea.
  • Relying on fruit and fruit juices also decreases the hangover intensity.
  • In order to tackle hangover, avoid smoking while drinking, as smoking constricts the lungs and decreases oxygen flow to the blood stream.
  • Vitamin B also helps in replacing the nutrients lost while drinking.
  • Beside this you can take the assistance of homeopathy and naturopathy medicine to tackle the condition of hangover and you might benefit.

However, ball is in your court when you drink avoid heavy dose pf drinking before going to your bed.

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