Radiation free SmartPill digitally diagnoses abdominal pain


With the passage of time medical technology has taken a great leap. Gone are the days when physicians had to take a long path in diagnosing a disease. But with the advent of new technology, medical world has got a new lease of life, so are the patients. Take the case of SmartPill, an ingestible capsule which uses sensor technology, and gives lots of information to the doctor, as to what is going on in patients organs.  With this technology, patients don’t have to undertake X-rays or swallow tubes  for diagnosing a disease or condition particularly conditions related to vomiting, abdominal pain, chronic constipation or unexplained nausea.  In order to diagnose a disease doctors have the option to use SmartPill which works just like a camera pill. It’s a tiny wireless motility, which possess the diagnostic ability to help patients.  This pill is taken without the assistance of water or you are offered just small amount of water when you swallow it.

How SmartPill works?

One’s a patient swallows the pill at a doctor’s clinic s/he can go to their regular daily work and doctor monitor the record of events wirelessly. When patient returns from their work, the physician is able to download the data from the data recorder and analysis it on a computer with the assistance of a special software.

radiatin free smartpillThe SmartPill capsule pass through the GI tract and transmit data from the intestines or through intestinal muscles. It can remain in a patients body for at least five days or could be used for shorter duration, say one or two days. This cutting edge technology even has its approval  from FDA as well and has been marked as safe for the evaluation of gastroparesis and constipation.

According to Braden Kuo, M.D. Instructor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Assistant Physician Gastroenterology unit.  There are millions of patients who have to undergo painful gastroparesis or chronic constipation.  However, this pill is not only radiation free and patient friendly but it provides accurate information and best treatment.  Kuo further said, as of now this pill has not replaced the endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures, but can replace multiple procedures which are used to assess gut transit which require radiation exposure like Small Bowel Fellow Through (SBFT), Gastric Emptying Scintrigraphy (GES) or Sitzmarkers (ROM).

People have been suffering from Gastroparesis disorder in which stomach take too long to empty its contents. Its symptoms include nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, abdominal pain or bloating.  Did you know SmartPill capule size is 26mmd x 13 mm, slightly larger than multi-vitamin and can be utilized for a single use?


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