Prevent tooth decay by eating apple regularly


prevent-tooth-decayEveryone aspire for Good Teeth. They not only provide an awesome smile on the face but also help humans to take care of their overall health i.e. they help in digestion. If you have good teeth, it will show on your health. But when we fail to care about them, they bring pain in the mouth and this adversely affects our health. Recently, a new survey carried out by U.S. dental offices revealed that one in eight people have over-sensitive teeth. The dental office further disclosed that young adults, women and people who uses tooth whitening components possess sensitive teeth. According to Dr. Joana Cunha-Cruz, a research assistant professor at the University of Washington who lead the study disclosed that the condition of sensitive teeth has been affecting the life of people in some way or other, like due to pain in the teeth, they avoid certain essential food. By sensitive teeth, it means people feel pain at certain time and feel fine sometime, when the pain subsidized. The food items like sweet, refined carbohydrates, acidic and cold food often brings pain.

Lead author of the study divulged that sensitive teeth occur when enamel located on the outside of the tooth or tissue between the tooth and gum known as cementum wears away. The study which has been published in the March edition of Journal of American Dental Association took around 787 adults in the survey. In the course of the study dentists asked adults whether they had experienced any pain or any tooth related problem like cavity, chipped tooth or swollen gums. Dentists in the survey came across the fact that around 12% of patients felt pain or sensitivity and were touted to have sensitive teeth.

Moreover, we know that dental caries or tooth decay can said to be the vital cause of tooth loss due to sensitive teeth. We have noticed that lack of balance between carbohydrates and proteins and insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals usurp disease. We have heard on a number of occasions that diet plays an important role in dental health. If we take care of food we eat, it will help in preventing infection of the gums or destruction of bone around the teeth. In an effort to prevent tooth decay, we should shun all sweets and refined foods or eatables made with white flour and white sugar. Onions have also been considered beneficial in preventing tooth decay. You can also prevent tooth decay if you eat apple regularly.

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