Pomegranate helps in controlling insomnia


pomegranate helps in insomniaYou would have noticed that at times you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, you toss from one side to the other, sits up, drink water or munch cookies. But if these symptoms linger on for a long time and you fail to control all these efforts, this would mean you have a sleeping disorder called insomnia.

This sleeping disorder called insomnia occurs due to various reasons like fear, depression, stress or anxiety. Other reasons of this sleeping disorder occur through mental and physical exhaustion.

A majority of people during the condition of insomnia start taking various types drugs the most common being benzodiazepines. By relying on these drugs people often become addictive. Some people who avoid taking drugs resort to consuming alcohol as a sedative, but these people can’t get quality sleep. Alcohol consumption during this scenario results in various side effects including hangovers. You would be thinking that whether there is a cure for insomnia?

Here are some traditional methods of controlling the condition of insomnia:

• First and foremost stop is take hot bath in the evening or before going to bed.
• Drink a glass of warm milk as it contains natural sedative name tryptophan.
• One and half hour before going to bed eat pomegranates as it is a natural
nutritional factor, it will help you sleep comfortably.
• Listen to soft and slow music with this you will be able to sleep within no time.
• Avoid watching Television or surfing internet when you are feeling sleepy.
• Avoid taking coffee, tea or other caffeine products as they disrupt sleep.
• Don’t smoke before going to be but it will be good if you quit smoking altogether.

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