People who stand for long hours develop cracked heels


crackedheelsEveryone has been prone to suffer from cracked heels. This condition in particular has remained a common problem for both men and women. In this condition the edge of heels often thickens and develops cracks. People who have to stand for long hours have increased risk of developing cracked heels. Moreover, the condition of cracked heels also develops of its own when we age. Various senior citizens and physicians have been of the view that modern “open-back” sandals most probably trigger cracked heels problem. In this situation fat pad on the heel did not find any support and it expands sideways thus forms cracks. With the passage of time cracks start deepening and people encounter pain. Sometime, this condition results in bleeding of the cracks. However, all this happens in the rarest of the case. At times this condition results in itching as well.

Cracked heels and diabetes

People having diabetes with cracked heels could get infection, which could not be treated due to nerve damage, owing to high sugar levels. Thus, diabetics should take care of their feet and at all cost prevent cracked heels condition. How to identify if you have cracked heels?

One of the visible symptoms of cracked heels has been the growth of dry hard thickened skin, which could be found around the edge of heel. When the condition aggravates, your physician may ask for further investigations like X-ray of the feet and blood investigation for diabetes.

 What’s the solution?

In order to counter the condition of cracked heel, do add oil to your bath. This will help in locking the moisture in your heels. It will also help in soothing the cracks. Do remember to pat your heels after you take a bath or shower. Also apply moisturizing cream which will help your heels retain water and not get dried up.

When you go to bed soak your feet for 10 minutes in lukewarm water having half mineral oil. Massage your feet ensuring oils enter the skin. Moreover, apply moisturizer to your heels before you put on your socks as it will soothe your skin and you may experience comfort.

Physicians have, often noticed that people go for treatment when the problem aggravates. So from the very outset if you could take care of your heels, you could have sigh of relief and won’t get any problems in the long run. Pass of this message to your fellow colleagues.

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