New CAM2, software promises improved sound quality in hearing aids

new-cam2-software-improves-hearing-aids-quality gadgetsPeople with a hearing problem have been able to get a new lease of life through hearing aids. With the passage of time even in this category so many inventions and discoveries have been made. To date a lot of new hearing aid products with lot of new features have been introduced in the worldwide market. With this people with the hearing loss have been able to get confidence in dealing with everyday situation.

But it has remain a pity that most of the high end products comes at a high price tag, thus only a few selected affluent individuals have been able to get its benefit. Hearing aids have a vital role to play in improving the sound quality according to a hearing impaired person’s capability. Recently researchers at University of Cambridge have been able to come out with new software called CAM2 previously known as CAMEQ2-HF, which claims to provide improved sound perception for users of hearing aids. The researchers claim that the new software CAM2 has been able to enhance the frequency range or sound which an individual with impaired hearing can easily detect. The software promises improved speech perception, sound localization and its ability to hear various musical sounds, which s/he can’t be able to detect with the current methods being applied.

Reasons of hearing loss

There are different reasons for a hearing loss in a person. Some people experience hearing loss through after effect of certain medicines while some people face this condition as they age. There are people who are also able to get this condition through various accidents when they suffer the condition of tinnitus.

How CAM2 software works?

With the help of CAM2, software package hearing aid can be tailored according to a person’s need, which results in enhancement in hearing quality. According to Professor Brian Moore of the Department of Psychology, who have a share in the development of CAM2, till now hearing aids provided amplification for frequencies up to 4 or 5kHz. But with CAM2 method one can experience a fitting range up to 10 kHz. Thus, with the help of higher frequencies one can easily distinguish sounds like “sh”, “ch” and “f”. In various challenging situations like in a room several people are speaking at once, in this scenario only higher frequencies can make it easier for a hearing impaired person to understand the situation. It is where the role of CAM2 comes into forefront.

Comparison between CAM2 with NAL-NL2

A recent study also compared the above two methods in various situations which a hearing loss person can face, quiet and noisy environment. But the overall result depicted CAM2 method was superior both in sound quality and for clarity of speech in a noisy environment.  Further studies are underway in an effort to test a lot more subjects and situations.

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