Mosquitos’ patches are effective on malaria, dengue and West Nile

mosquitoes' patchWho would have imagined that we the human beings have to adopt measures to protect our life from small insects’ like mosquitoes? Through biting from a single variety of mosquitoes our life could be put in danger. We know that how malaria, West Nile and dengue fever could become dangerous. So many researchers have been taking place all over the world to get a break-through from mosquito related disease. Of late, another break-through has been unearthed, regarding controlling mosquitoes i.e. via Kite Mosquito Patch. According to its manufacturers this mosquito patch resemble like a small sticker which has the capability to protect humans from mosquitoes. This patch seems powerful and innovative as it block mosquitoes’’ ability to track humans for up to 48 hours.

The patch’s manufactures reveal that Kite Mosquito patch has been designed to work everywhere for everyone as it is rugged simple and effective. This mosquito’s patch contains robust, non-toxic compounds which have been approved by FDA and acclaimed as harmless. When you use these patch, you don’t have to use toxic sprays or any other lotion for protection against mosquitoes.  When you apply this mosquito patch, you seemed safe for 48 hours against mosquitoes’.  We know that how dengue, malaria and West Nile have put the life of humans in danger as these mosquitoes are always on their toes to harm humans.

According to Grey Frandsen, Team Leader this mosquito patch has the skill to shield humans from mosquitoes’ around the world. This product would now be tested in Uganda, before being supplied in the international market, on professional athletes, families, children, workers and outdoor enthusiasts. On testing this product it has been found safe, durable and easy to use. Its manufacturers say that one of the goals of misquotes patch team remained to banish toxic chemicals which have been around to safeguard against mosquito borne diseases.

As this product seems safe for children, parents can place it around infants and babies on their crib, carrier, stroller etc. This patch uses active ingredients which have been found safe and sound. This new technology according to its manufacturers could be used on clothes only and not on skin. This IFRA approved technology uses approved “fragrances” which are specifically targeted towards mosquitoes receptor neurons used to detect carbon dioxide. Like other products no one should eat or lick these patches though one can touch, hold, store, smell for any period of time if required. These products include 100% biodegradable materials. Did you know that the shell life of this patch is up to 18 months? In order to bring this technology at the forefront, there are so many reputed organizations associated like University of California, National Institute of Health, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and collaborative partnership with USDA and other international organizations.

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