Mixing drug Plavix or clopidogrel with aspirin reduces the chance of second stroke


plavix prevents second strokeYou might perhaps aware that as soon as a person suffers from stroke s/he usually administer with aspirin so as to prevent blood clotting. Despite this sometime a patient may again gets another stroke. The point is providing aspirin after a stroke could not come out to be safe. That being said, another study taken by Dr. S. Claiborne Johnston, a professor of neurology at the University of California, San Francisco has suggested that adding/mixing the drug Plavix (clopidogrel) along with aspirin can reduce the risk of a second stroke by about a third over aspirin alone. The report has been published online edition of the New England Journal of Medicine.

This substantiate that both these stroke drugs target clotting agents in the blood, known as platelets which prevents them from grouping together and forming clots. This combo of drugs usually administered after a heart attack. Till date there was no formal knowledge/data which could confidently declare that this would work in stroke or mini-stroke medically known as transient ischemic attack (TIA).

Lead researcher Dr S. Claiborne Johnston, said the trials of the study were carried out in China, but he is clueless whether the results would be the same in United States also. Trials however are under way in United States; the researcher said they will declare the results within a few years time. But research says giving two drugs which block platelets works a lot better than aspirin does alone in people who suffer from minor stork or TIA.

Reasons for Stroke
A majority of strokes take place due to blood clotting that block blood vessels in the brain. This type of stroke is known as ischemic strokes. Meanwhile, TIA also occurs due to clot which dissipates in a short time. Both of these instances leave patients at risk for getting another bout of stroke which could be severe.

During the above study more than 5000 patients participated who had undergone a stroke or TIA were randomly provided either aspirin alone or provided aspirin plus Plavix for three months. Researchers noted that within a time period of three months 10% to 20% people who have a TIA or minor stroke suffered another second stroke.
Researchers said 8.2% of patients who were taking two drugs combo had another stroke compared with 11.7 percent of those who took aspirin alone.

Now the effect of combo drugs has to been seen in America where study is going on to see the efficacy of Palvix along with aspirin. You may perhaps aware that stroke is the major cause of death and disability.

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