Make it a habit to have nutritious diet only


how to have nutritious dietTime and again people look forward to have nutritious diet only. They search around and are disappointed when they don’t find one or are showered with a large variety of such diets, which claims to be nutritious. However, here is a list of nutritious diet which produces energy and vitality.

1.            When you are opting for nutritious diet take chicken and fish in your diet over red meat. As red meat contain several impurities and may harm your health while triggering several diseases which might result in harming your body.

2.            Search for recipes which emphasizes on freshly cooked vegetables and grains. Remember fresh fruits and vegetables are better than frozen ones and food which comes in a can.

3.            Include hot food over cold when you are about to choose your meal. Eat hot lunch instead of having just a sandwich or burger. Eat hot apple pie instead of ice-cream, grilled fish instead of tuna salad.

4.            Always include ginger which reduces phlegm and stimulates digestion. Use fresh or powdered ginger in your cooking. You can also use ginger juice, ginger tea and ginger pickle.

5.            Use spices like cumin, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, mustard seeds and black pepper. These spices increase metabolic rate and help convert food into energy.

6.            Cut back on sugar when you do this you can deal with sugar carvings. In order to control sugar cravings follow a sugar free diet.  Remember you get sugar from bread and pasta also.

7.            Don’t eat deep-fried foods. Instead take almond, corn, sunflower oils and olive oil.

8.            Avoid restaurant food which has earmarked as too oily, salty and sweet. If you can’t control your food buds, take fruits and vegetables related diet in the restaurant.

9.            Reduce the intake of soft drinks or carbonated drinks, as they will dent your immune system.

10.          Avoid packaged food at all cost. Use freshly cooked food instead. Also don’t use caffeine and alcohol, as they don’t come in nutritious food category and are injurious to your health.

Nutritious food would do well to your overall well-being and enhance your life span as well. Rely on the nutritious food and pass on this message to your friends and colleagues to make a disease free world. But it seems a herculean task? You must be wondering, but at least we can make efforts and can take a pledge for the sake of our health isn’t it?

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