Korean and Chinese ginseng can control Alzheimer and depression


korean-and-chinese-ginseng can control depressionSince ancient time people have relied on Ginseng which has remained a wonderful plant for containing medical properties in it. Asian Ginseng has been cultivated in China, Korea and Japan and has been used for a variety of ailments. Following is a list of some of the conditions which Asian Ginseng can control:

Alzheimer disease – Asian ginseng has been in use to enlighten the mind and increase wisdom. It helps in improving memory as it has been find to increase the circulation.

Fatigue — Due to its property of energy boosting, ginseng can easily combat tiredness. It will take a little time to show its effect. However, it’s well worth to try it if you often get tired.

Immune system —If you encounter with problems related to your immune system or remain unwell most of the time due to one reason or the other Asian Ginseng will help you to combat its effect. Even people with blood circulation problem will find it useful.

Depression — Ginseng has been found effective in combating stress related problems. It helps in controlling and lightening the mood. Various people have reported its positive effect and according to these people, they were able to get positive results within two weeks of taking it.

Recuperation — Ginseng has been found effective in certain illnesses. Those who are recuperating from any disease can get its benefit.

Energy giving tonic — Ginseng has been found to be an effective energy giving tonic, for thousands of years it has remained to provide high energy levels. Various athletes’ have been taking it to remain alert during various sports meets. You can see its effect within a month’s time.

Chinese medicine — In China this ginseng has been in use to treat elderly people and improve their mental and physical vitality.

Siberian Ginseng – Apart from Asia you can also find Siberian Ginseng, however it is not as popular as the first one. It was originally used to combat colds and flu and other respiratory infections. Like its Asian counterpart, Siberian Ginseng has also been found effective in controlling the above mentioned conditions. However, it also controls in combating flu. It helps in cleansing the liver of nasty toxins also.


If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or have uncontrolled high blood pressure, avoid both Asian and Siberian Ginseng. Moreover, don’t take it around bed time as it will create insomnia and in some people it will cause diarrhea.

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