Korea a medical tourist destination par excellence


medical tourism in koreaEvery country has forte in their own medical arena and proud of their medical procedures. Indian medical services have an edge over different medical procedures and offer cost effective treatment as compared to other countries in the world viz., Asia, America, Europe and the Pacific. However, countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore have their own medical procedures and specialty. All in all every country has its own distinct presence as far as offering medical tourism services are concerned.

Take the case of South Korea, like other Asian countries Korea offers a very reputed and highly skilled medical service. As soon as you proceed for treatment in Korea all your medical records could be accessed through cutting edge computerized health network system. The same is true in India, where in hospitals like Medanta, Medcity, Fortis hospitals and Apollo hospitals where medical tourist get par excellence facility.

However, Korea has an edge over robotic surgery. This state of the art surgery is performed by using a robotic arm, which has the capability to rotate up to 360 degrees. This helps the surgeons to glance through the 3D image at 20X magnification.

Robotic Arm treatment of Korea has been in use to treat cancerous tumors as they can be removed from cancerous cells located at very thin and intricately interwined lymph nodes.

In the case of thyroid surgery, again robotic arm comes to the rescue. In this procedure the incision is less than one centimeter long. The point to note is the scar of treatment is almost invisible.

Destination Korea has been known for its oriental medicine a traditional medicine with more than 1,000 years of history. Its medical clinics are known for acupuncture clinics where the doctors or physicians work on traditional medicine.

Like other Asian countries Korea has been getting foreign medical tourists due to their quality medical services which are available at reasonable cost. In Korea cosmetic-related treatment like obesity, acne/pimple treatment is quite popular. The role of Oriental therapy assists in improving blood circulation and excretes waste by motivating acupuncture points. For foreign patients who are unable to visit their country patients can easily get post-management tips and telephone and email consultations so that these medical tourists are not left back. There is also a procedure where medical tourists can get herbal medicine via international courier service.

Korea has different traditional oriental medicine viz., Jeonyak i.e. water based which is made by boiling down medicinal herbs, Sanyak are powder based which Guyak are granule based. Of the three Jeonyak has been considered an outstanding product which enhances immunity and detoxification and can showcase more results. It all depends on which procedure a medical tourist intend to visit a particular country.

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