Kids and teens who overeat take marijuana in the long run

kids and teens who overeat take marijuana in the long run
kids and teens who overeat take marijuana in the long run

Recently a new study carried out by Kendrin Sonneville from Boston Children’s hospital disclosed to Reuters health that kids and teens who indulge in overeating and binge eating would definitely start taking marijuana and other drugs. This study was the outcome of a study in which survey of close to 17000 youths revealed this fact. The age group of the children has been reported as 9 to 15 years. The survey was based on health related questionnaire and was carried between years 1996 to 2005. During this survey it became clear that one percent of boys and three percent girls used to binge. During the course of the study researchers noted that 41% of youths who were overeating started using marijuana and 32% used other illicit drugs. Researchers also observed that teens and kids who were found overeating during the course of the survey were at 2.7 times more likely to take marijuana and other prohibited drugs.

Binge eating as you might be aware often associates with loss of control when a person overeats. Thus, there are higher chances of depression and becoming an obese. We all know that overeating and binge eating have been found common in adolescents. Due to these fact children who started overeating regularly take on drugs in due course this fact has been clearly established above in the study. We are aware through our respective experiences that eating disorders have been found more serious. Take the case of Anorexia nervosa; in this order a person becomes very thin as s/he starts shunning the food as they encounter a strange feeling that they will become fat (bulimia nervosa) if they eat frequently. In reality this is an eating disorder. Such is the state of these people that they start having a feeling of “feel fat” but in reality are malnutrition. In initial stages these people are unable to find that they have any problem.

The lead author of the study said parents should always notice the eating pattern of the children and physicians should always observe and ask children about their eating pattern. In majority of cases eating disorders take place due to various psychiatric disorders like panic, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and various drug abuse problems. If overeating or binge eating did not controlled in time this may lead to other physical and emotional problems like malnutrition, heart problems and other harmful conditions.

Treating overeating

As soon as you crave for eating or drinking sodas drink water instead. Moreover, by doing exercise, Yoga or aerobics on a daily basis to escape from overeating.

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