Is Tahitian Noni Juice or morinda citrifolia safe?


is tahitian noni juice or morinda citrifolia safeIn our day today life we come across various types of different food items including fruits. Almost every fruit contain some medicinal benefits, which helps in relieving a particular condition. One such fruit which has been available in different forms from all over the world include Noni fruit or morinda citrifolia. This fruit has been in use since ancient times. It has different names viz., French Polynesia or Nonu in South Pacific. Malaysian people call it as Mengkudu, South East Asian people call this fruit as Nhau. Did you know during World War II soldiers based in tropic Polysian Islands were asked to take noni fruit from time to time as the fruit was known to provide strength? For people of Raratonga, Samoa and Fiji the fruit became a staple food. These people ate this fruit as raw or cooked.

Natives of Polynesian healers have revealed various health benefits of noni fruit. Traditionally this fruit was used for stabilizing the body, restoring health and sustaining over-all well being.

However, during 20th century while researching, Dr. Ralph Heinicke discovered a special component in the fruit which was known as Xeronine which was the outcome of noni fruit. In Tahiti you may perhaps come across this fruit in the form of juice. It has been touted by its makers that Noni Juice increases mental alertness and the attention span of the individuals. The juice has been cholesterol friendly and allows greater physical performance. Known as Tahitian Noni Juice, its manufacturers claim that the juice has been validated by more than a dozen human clinical trials. The Noni juice manufacturers’ reveal the juice contains more than 150 nutrients like minerals, vitamins, enzymes, alkaloids, phytosterols and antioxidants. All these ingredients help in contributing a healthier body.

It has also been proclaimed by the juice producers that Noni juice helps in supporting the immune system’s natural ability to fight various diseases and infections.

However, in a nutshell this juice offers the following benefits:

1. Noni Juice supports proper digestion and helps in absorbing more nutrients.

2 It supports proper digestion and carries beneficial substances to the skin.

The vital ingredients in the juice include morinda citrifolia pure noni puree, grape juice concentrate and blueberry juice concentrate. Besides this you will find amino acids, anthraquinonens or damnacanthol, which has been an antiseptic and anti-bacterial plant chemical, which helps in killing cancer cells. You will also find essential fatty acids also in noni juice, which maintains healthy skin, heart tissue and blood vessels. Limonene, nitric oxide, phytonutrients and lycosides are other important ingredients found in Tahitian noni juice.

A word of caution

Every supplement comes with various pros and cons; noni juice has been no exception. Some of the minor side effects which have been reported in World Journal of Gastroenteroly says excessive amount of this juice can damage the liver. Some other side effects reported from using this juice includes in some persons include mild rash, diarrhea, headache and heavy menstruation in women. So it has been in your interest to take this juice on the advice of your doctor.

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