Is it safe to use Lattisse for eye lash growth?


Lattisse for eye lash growthEveryone employs different ways and means through which they could look awesome at special events. Women however, remain more cognizant for her looks. No one can argue that a woman’s beauty can be judged from her long and luscious lashes. These long luscious lashes may make or mar the beauty of a woman. Unfortunately, not all women could aspire to have luscious lashes. Some women have thin, short or brittle eyelashes. Earlier, women felt satisfied with the artificial eyelashes, which came out to be an expensive affair. Moreover, some women had to suffer from allergies while employing the fake eyelashes.

That being said, the time has changed, now women who do not have those beautiful eyelashes have an alternative in the form of Lattisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution). It in fact has said to be a serum which was especially created to promote natural growth of eyelashes. The discovery of this product was accidental as it has been touted as a valuable side effect of Lumigan, drug which has been used to treat glaucoma. When doctors used Lumigan on patients they detected considerable eyelash development. Even FDA has approved Latisse treatment, as it can be had on prescription from a physician.

What Lattisse can do?

The sole purpose of Lattisse remains to improve the appearance of woman’s eyelashes, as it gives a new lease of life to them. Though there have been other uses of Lattisse, but its main purpose is to provide boost to eyelash growth. There are two ways with which Latisse works first it enhances the length of the growth phase, secondly it intensify the total number of hairs during the expansion phase. You can use this medication once daily as directed by your physician.

Can you use Lattisse with contact lenses?

Physicians say patients can use Lattisse if they are even using contact lenses. They can remove the contact lenses and reinsert the same after 15 minutes of the administration of the ointment.

Are there side effects too for using this product?

It will be a good idea to use this product with care and under the guidance or supervision of a reputed physician. While using Lattisse, ensure it may be applied on the skin of the upper eyelid margin only, and never use it on the lower eyelid. Some of the side affects you may notice include redness of eye, itching, dryness, discomfort. One more important fact you may like to know, include if you abruptly stop using the medication, your eye lash may return to their original state after a few weeks’ time.

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