Is it safe to take aspirin every morning?

dealing with asprinAround the world, almost every day thousands of people do one common thing, not that they drink bed tea, but they pop-up anti-ageing pill. Physicians based in different countries have the opinion that this small pill has the capability to protect people from heart attacks, colon cancer, thrombosis, prostate cancer and stroke. This pill also gives some relief from diabetes and gastric cancer as well besides helping people to get relief from sore joints and any other pain or hangover. This pill has been identified as none other than aspirin. Aspirin was commercially produced in the year 1890, and every year people consume more than 100 billion aspirin.

No doubt aspirin got some competition from medications like paracetamol and ibuprofen, but people had total faith in this medicine, and it was able to pass through the rough patch its competitors provided. But everything comes at a price. If you overtake aspirin, or take this medicine in higher quantities, the medicine could result in gastrointestinal ulcers, ringing or buzzing in the ear or cerebral hemorrhages.

This medication also provides conditions like cataract and could prove harmful to asthmatics. Drugs manufacturer warn healthy people against taking medication every day. But some doctors have been in favour of taking aspirin every day.

The question is it safe to take aspirin every day?

The answer is it depends, if a person has had heart attack or stroke, doctors recommend taking aspirin. If you take daily aspirin, according to doctors you reduce the risk of having a heart attack second time. The chances become 25 to 30 percent.

But some studies from past suggest that men who don’t have any cardiovascular symptoms and take aspirin every day, they had the higher chances of getting cerebral hemorrhage.

What Aspirin do?

As soon as you take aspirin it makes the platelets in the blood less sticky and you don’t form any clots. In normal cases blood vessel has been found to be damaged and platelets rush towards the area in an effort to form a plug. If the platelet loses their stickiness, they are unable to do it efficiently. It takes a week to regain the stickiness. If you have been suffering from ulcers or abnormal kidney function, asthma or bleeding disorder or uncontrolled blood pressure, don’t take aspirin without the consent of physician.  The effects of daily dosage of aspirin are high, so it will be in fitness of things if you take prior advice from doctors, who will be able to help you whether you should take aspirin or not.

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