Is it possible to discard smoking with e-cigarettes?


discard smoking with e-cigarettesAsk any smoker, whether it will be viable to quit smoking? The answer would be s/he had tried her/his level best to quit smoking but remain unsuccessful. Smoking has remained ecstasy for smokers, as soon as they take one puff, these users say it relaxes and stimulate their bodies. After one puff when nicotine reaches their brain and bind its receptor molecules on nerve cells, the cells release dopamine and other neurotransmitters rapidly. When one puff follows the other it increases the heart rate and raises alertness of a smoker. All this effect does not last long and smoker has to take out their second cigarette to follow the first step. Unfortunately that first step does not propel to the second step. Thus smoking become a diehard habit and links with everyday conduct and mood of a person.

Moreover, if you are a smoker and enjoy coffee very much, drinking a sip of coffee also generates smoking carving in you. Thus smoking becomes a diehard habit which you are unable to quit, no matter which method you choose to quit at a first or second try. Even medications which swear to quit smoking and have been approved by FDA could not do the justice. The American Journal of Psychiatry has found that people having risky genes are incapable to quit smoking easily. Random researches in the past have found that people respond differently to the drugs which promise to quit their smoking habit.

A ray of hope

With the coming up of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, people who intend to quit smoking has got a new lease of life. When a person comes in contact with e-cig they gasp doses of vaporized nicotine via battery-powered devices which resembles like authentic cigarettes. Though unreliable evidences have exposed that these devices offer a fool proof solution to quit smoking but in reality there is no such facts available except users feed-back as to how they were able to quit smoking through e-cig. However various control groups of smokers who had used e-cig without nicotine have revealed that they were able to quit tobacco cigarette consumption. This control group based in Italy divulged that the issue was not about involvement of nicotine in it but people used cigarette to relieve their stress level. Various people from other parts of the U.S. have disclosed that after relying on e-cig they were able to control their habit of smoking some says E-cigs are awesome; they will help you in renouncing smoking. Dozens of others have also spoken in favor of e-cigs.

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