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how to treat cataracts without surgerySometimes when the vision of a person particularly in old age gets blurred and the lens of eye becomes clouded this condition is called cataracts. This condition of cataracts takes many years to develop and it progresses rapidly. Due to commercialization of healthcare activities, various specialists provide the advice of cataracts surgery. However, it all depends of a person whether s/he is capable of undergoing surgery. However, following are some of the solutions which can help you treat cataracts without surgery:

Treatment of cataracts
1. If you intend to treat cataracts without surgery take Vitamin C often in your diet. It is one of the most vital antioxidants which will effectively
treat cataracts. In this situation ensure you get around 1500 mg of Vitamin C in your diet daily.

2. Dental specialists frequently recommend relying on multivitamins almost daily to treat the situation of cataracts. They propose that multivitamins should contain Zinc, copper and iron.

3. Another effective herb which could control cataracts is biliberry extract or vaccinium myrtillus.

4. Green Tea has been found effective in dealing with cataracts. It is one of the excellent antioxidants which also accomplish the task of muscle enhancement. Antioxidants properties in green tea help in cell rejuvenation and improve eye sight.

5. Image therapy also helps in strengthening eye muscles. It improves vision and reflexology.

6. You can also sit on a steam bath or sauna two or three days each week to clear cataracts formation.
In order to treat any condition, you should make up your mind and start relying on its remedial measures so that you can treat any condition with smile.

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