How to remain fit in summers if you are visiting a tropical region?


how to remain fit in summersIf you are moving from a colder region to a tropical area or live in a tropical place, there are chances that you may get caught trap in health related issues.  In order to tackle health related problems in summers it is time you take care of your health. Some of the conditions you may encounter in tropical areas include dehydration, allergies, loss of appetite. These all conditions will make your life a mess. But behold, there is a solution to this issue. Follow the following tactics to remain fit in summer:

1.   Try to maintain your body’s water level during heat, no doubt you will have to take liquids but besides you have to choose food which also contains water in it.

2.   Turn to yogurt — When you eat curd or yogurt it will keep aloof conditions like intestinal infections away as yogurt promotes digestion and boost immunity. Moreover curd contains Vitamin B which soothes allergies and ulcers.

3.   Savor tropical fruits — On reaching tropical area start taking the local food containing watermelon, sweet lime, lemon and orange in any form. These foods contain maximum water in it. Fruits have the capability to re-hydrate our body by providing the required minerals and vitamins which in turn keeps our energy level high.

4.   Coconut water, sugar cane Juice – When you sweat during summer season, you loss essential minerals from the body, thus you become tired and sluggish, which is why you have to take coconut water, electrolytes etc to keep fit. However, to quickly replenish your body’s lost water drink lemon and honey drink.

5.   Vegetables are good — You should choose water-based vegetables during summer. Eat more and more cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, spinach etc.

6.   Plain Water — You should make it a point to drink at least three liters of water daily.

7.   Salads — Eat more salads, soups and fruits during summer. Moreover eat light meals during the day as it will keep you fit.


However, to remain fit in summers, you will have to avoid the following from your diet:

Avoid cold drinks – When you eat or drink cold food or drink, they create mayhem in your stomach and blood vessels and you will have to deal with the situation of controlling sweating and body’s other cooling system.

Caffeine, alcohol – In summers at all cost avoid, high caffeine content as it dehydrates the body, which leads to excessive loss of water in the body.


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