How to quickly get relief from stuffy nose?


relief from stuffy noseDuring winters we all face the condition of experiencing a stuffy nose, and take several steps to relieve the symptoms of stuffy nose. Unfortunately, not all people get successful in relieving from the condition of stuffy nose. Sometime people take homeopathy medicine while some people take alternative medications but in vain. So what’s the solution? During our research around we came across simple solutions which will help in relieving a stuffy nose with the help of chamomile, eucalyptus baking soda, soups. Read all this and pass on these methods to your colleagues who could get benefited from the information below:

You can boil 6 to 8 cups of water and add half cup of chamomile flowers. In case you are unable to get the chamomile flowers you can substitute it with a good quality chamomile tea around four to five bags. In this mixture you can add 3 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil. Boil this mixture for 15 minutes and start taking a steam. After covering your head with a towel start taking steam. A word of caution, position your face at least one foot away from the boiling water.  You can now close your eyes and can breathe herbal steam. You will be surprised to know as to how your bothering stuffy nose has got a relief. You can take the herbal steam for around five to ten minutes.  Do carry the tissue with you as they will come handy when you will unstuff your nose.

Another handy remedy for quickly healing the stuffy nose is, place garlic and oregano oil on your feet’s bottom when you intend to go for bed. You can add warm socks over the well-oiled feet. This will reduce coughing and control other conditions related to cold.

You can also take the assistance of salt irrigation which will help in irrigating the nasal cavities during winter season. You can do this with the help of an eye dropper. Take ¼ tsp of salt to a cup of boiling water. Wait for the liquid to become lukewarm. With the help of eye dropper, you can place three or four drops of this solution in your nose with your head tilted backward position, within twinkling of an eye you will start feeling the hard mucus becoming soft, now you can blow your nose (not very hard) to unstuff the matter.

Like wise you can take the assistance of baking soda rinse to get relief from stuffy nose. For this purpose combine ¼ tsp of salt to ¼ tsp of baking soda add this mixture into 8 ounce of warm water. With the help of the eye dropper you can place several drops of the liquid in your nose with your head tilted backward. After some time you can see the difference.

Chicken soup – You can also take the assistance of chicken soup which will help in boosting your immune system. Add lots of garlic, onion, oregano etc. in chicken soup to get relief from stuffy nose.

Lastly you can drink plenty of hot liquids like chicken noodle soup, hot tea, honey with lemon juice etc., to hydrate your body which will automatically open nasal passages.

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