How to help children grow naturally?

how to help children in their growthAsk any couple who might be struggling to get a child but might be disappointed if they don’t bear it naturally. On the other hand most of the couples having children hardly have any time at their disposal to spend it with their children as they are busy making money for their living and enjoying the life individually. However, if you are blessed with children, it will be a good idea to spend quality time with them and pay heed to their growth and all round development. After all they would be of help to you when you age if you take care of them properly.

The other day a friend of mine said he was amazed to find from his son said that his friend’s parent beat him mercilessly when he is unable to wake up for school. This attitude of parents might be putting the young child into extreme stress and he may develop one of the disabilities when he grows up.

Pay attention to their food

Most of the obese parents when eat junk food themselves before their children, are surely putting the life of their children in danger they are the live example before their children regarding what to eat or not. Thus, parents should play the role of a role model and eat only healthy food. They should instill good habits in their children and infuse healthy food habits in them. In order to escape from various diseases and conditions children should be encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables rather eating junk food. Some parents are too possessive and they keep on forcing their children to eat vegetable and fruits in excess. This excessive amount also results in obesity. In order to help children grow naturally don’t force them to eat each and every fruit and vegetable. They should be encouraged to eat cheese, curd, milk and juicy fruit apart from fruits and children. Some parents don’t care for their children and children start eating sweet dishes etc which results in childhood diabetes.

Sleep and rest

Sleep and rest are also important part of human nature. Children should also be encouraged to take proper rest and sleep this will help children to grow naturally.

Play and recreation

Play and recreation are also important for children to grow. Encourage your children to play outdoors rather than persuade them to play video games or play on the tablets. Children love to spend most of their time on social networking sites, try to convince them about the importance of playing outside. This will help them to think it over and help them in their growth.

Reward them

Reward your children every time when they do things in a positive way. This will help them to focus on things very carefully and children will nurture naturally.

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