How to deal with itchy skin in winter?

how-to-deal-with-itchy-skin in winterPeople living in tropical areas know how, they are bothered by dry skin itchy condition when the weather changes from humid to winter. However, in cold weather elsewhere in the world, people have to deal with dry skin itchy and itchy skin in winter. The most affected areas for dry skin itch includes arms, legs and chest. As winter starts our body gets dehydrated in the absence of it we experience the condition of itching.

According to Ella L. Toombs, MD a certified dermatologist and director of Aesthetic Dermatology of Dupont Circle, in Washington, D.C., all this happens when dry air during winter pulls out the moisture from the skin which results in peel and cracks in the skin. During this time our body’s skin cells loss their appearance triggering increased oil and water loss resulting in dry skin.

However, you may not perhaps know that taking plain water, during winters can easily control the problem of dry skin itchy condition, when our skin starts getting hydrated. However, following are the tips which can help you tackle the problem of winter itching:

  •  Dampen your home – Did you know that when you enhance the humidity in your house it helps in keeping your mucous membranes moist and curtails any risk associated with various viruses and winter colds etc. Thus, make it a point to humidify your bedroom.
  • Use moisturizing soaps only which take less skin oils or it will be a good idea to add a few drops of oil in your bath tub. Or why not lubricate your skin with a rich moisturizer when your skin showcases dampness.
  • Take more fluids – More over in order to take relief from itchy skin condition, consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Choose lukewarm water for drinking. Did you know that drinking water including fluids keeps away the winter itchy skin in winter?
  • Avoid itching dry skin – When you scratch your skin due to itchy condition you create a condition called lichenification. In order to escape the condition of itchiness use petroleum jelly or mineral oil to curtail the feeling of itchiness.
  • Use right moisturizer – In order to get out of the condition of itchy skin you have to use the right moisturizer like facial moisturizer helps in protecting face, don’t use it on body, though it is not harmful, but as a precautionary measure leave it for face. While the body moisturizer consists of oils, ointments and lotions and use it only on body, sometimes due to excess oil in it would leave your skin oily.

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