How to deal with heart attack?


healthy heartA large number of people are aware what causes heart attack, but most of the people are unaware about how heart attack occurs. This could be dangerous to the life if we are not aware the symptoms of heart attack and how to reduce the risk of heart attack. Heart attack usually occurs when a part of the heart muscle stops working due to lack of oxygen. In a body arteries take the oxygen to the heart with the help of blood. A majority of heart attack take place when these arteries failed to feed the heart muscles. The main reason of blockage in the arteries is due to accumulation of fatty deposits called plaque. Due to this reason the wall of artery gets hardened. In medical terms blockage in heart is caused by atheroscierosis.

Here are some solutions which can help you to control heart attacks:
Change your diet: Avoid food which comes from animal and intake plant origin food. Don’t take salt in your diet more than 5 gms per day. Rely on unsaturated fats rather than unsaturated fats. Consume bakery products, packaged snack foods and deep fried foods. Take Omega 3 fatty acids in modest amount. Don’t take food which is loaded with sugar.

Say no to smoking: In order to reduce the risk of heart attack, avoid using tobacco, products. A single puff of cigarette contains more than 4,000 chemicals which have got the potential to damage your heart and blood vessels. By quitting smoking you favour your body and could escape from heart attack.
Lose Weight: If you are overweight there are chances of getting conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Reducing your weight just by 10 percent can decrease your blood pressure.

Manage your stress level: Due to stress level your heart beat faster thus raising your blood pressure. In order to avoid heart attack, relax, smile and take it easy with everything.

Dental hygiene: Various studies have shown that due to various gum diseases, cavities, gingivitis and missing teeth are all responsible for catching coronary artery disease.

Home remedies for heart attack

  • Daily use of lemon prevents accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels
  • Take tablespoon of honey with half a lemon in a glass of water
  • Fresh grape juice is effective in controlling heart attack
  • Beet juice is also recommended for controlling heart attack
  • Take parsley tea two to three times a day.

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