How to convince children to eat healthy food?

Convince children to eat healthyAs a parent you intend to look for the welfare of your children. But children have their own world. They can be easily distracted and start eating junk food on the suggestion of their friends who have had the habit of eating unhealthy food like chips and burgers. But it should be your endeavor to help your children develop healthy habits early in life, come what may. Thus as a parent it becomes your duty to inculcate good habits in your children regarding food choice and physical activity habits. Here are a few tips which could help you to get started.

You have to be a good role model – Children learn from watching their elders so you have to act by eating healthy food and getting physically active. Thus when you eat healthy food at your dining table you are encouraging your kids to follow your food path.

Keep everything in a positive way – Everyone like to be praised and admired for the job well done, keep on admiring your kids, when they do a good job, even praise your children by saying that they are doing a good job when they eat healthy. They will try to repeat the thing they were encouraged for so that to get again that accolade.

Emphasis more on physical activity – Involve yourself more in physical activities like walking, exercise, riding a bike, swimming playing games etc., rather than spending time before television or tablets. Remember small steps from you go a long way in making a big difference in your health as well as the health of your child.

Limit computer time, video games and watching TV, did you know all these habits come under sedentary lifestyle and trigger various diseases in the long run like obesity and childhood diabetes and these are not good for the health of your children.

Reward your children by promising a nature walk instead of rewarding them with TV and video games or a box of candies and snacks. Set healthy food goals before them and when they achieve them, reward them with a picnic like going for an outdoor nature walk, this way children will go in a different way.

Do dinner together – When a family sit together to eat, there are hardly any chance children going for wrong foods or eat too much snacks. Thus spending a quality time along with children inculcates healthy food habits in children and they usually eat nutritious food. This way you can convince your children to eat right food at the right time.

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