How to beat Alzheimer and dementia in their own backyard?


how-to-beat-alzheimer-and-dementiaWe all fear from dreaded diseases and conditions waiting to pound us from every corner. As a human being there comes a time when we forget various important task(s) to perform and repent later. It happens sometime. But if you start forgetting each and everything every now and then, this could be a major problem.

However, we at know that you can easily beat Alzheimer and dementia in their own backyard by following the strategies listed below, which will help you remember each and everything:

If you forget where you kept your watch or precious ring — then try to associate the thing by forming pictures, gestures and experience. For example, when you forgot where you kept your watch or a precious ring or the important cinema ticket. The procedure could be simple, as soon as you forgot try to have peace, close your eyes and start thinking, recreating the whole experience when you enter your home or office and the things you had done and try to stress when you put hands down dropping the thing you intend to remember. In 99 percent cases you will be able to remember the thing you forgot.

When you intend to make a presentation flawlessly — Do what Greeks ought to do, if you have to make a long presentation, try to associate your speech with your house. Like the opening paragraph is just like your front door and your main arguments are dining room, kitchen, bedroom etc., in order walk through your audience in this way and you will be judged a marvelous speaker. This will also help you to remember things perfectly.

If you wish to remember number — If you often forget your bank account number or any other number, then take a hard look at it. See those numbers in different colors like pink, orange or aquamarine. Grasp this number in your mind and put it on an important landmark in your imagination. You won’t forget the number.

But why forget anything in first place? When you try to put anything, first make it a habit to come out with the mental image of it in your mind. Like when you are putting an important document in your drawer you should be conscious of the muscles doing the task. Like focus when you bend grasp at the document, look at the drawer and place your hand on the drawer for a moment to first fix it in your mind. We bet you don’t forget this again. By reading the article there could be so many questions which would be raised in your mind like if you are in a hurry you won ‘t have time for the above exercise. In this case the fault could be yours; the loss will be yours, if you are not conscious in the beginning you will repent later. Any Questions?

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