How teens can remain physically active?


how teens can remain activeAs soon as kids transform into teenagers they discover that they have become less physically active. They feel robbed of their non-stop energy they were once enjoying when they were kids. As a teenager they find themselves amidst a lot more mature friends, studying and pursuing part-time jobs take their most of the time. Now they have lots of interest and responsibility too. In case you have teenagers at home ensure they often get encouragement. As a parent you must ensure they should take part in sports and exercise to stay active later in their life. However, if they stick to this regime, their immediate benefit includes maintaining healthy weight, feeling more energetic and all round growth.

Did you know that when teens participate in team and individual sports they can help in boosting their self-confidence? Moreover, regular physical activity can prevent various heart diseases, diabetes and other medical problems. For the sake of health of the teens, ensure teens should get at least one hour of physical activity on all days of the week.

Unfortunately, during teen year’s physical activity of teens usually decline, Teens didn’t participate in physical education classes. But if they get encouragement teens can avail health benefits from most of the physical activities.

Some of the activities in which teens could participate include yoga, swimming, dancing, aerobics, in-line skating, kicking a football. Moreover, teens can pursue physical activities almost daily like walking to school, participating in active part-time jobs, doing chores, for example they can become coach, counsellors or baby- sitters.

How to motivate teens to be active?

Teens now-a-days spend more of their time watching TV, surfing online, listening to music, playing video games etc. Studies have depicted that teens spend at least 6 hours on these activities. Parents thus have to show the path to teenagers in deciding how much time they should spend on these activities. Thus by instilling confidence in teens and when we tell the benefits of physical activities over spending time before internet or W many teens do enjoy physical activities remain fit and have reduced stress level and increased strength.

Thus peers have a larger role in influencing the life of teenagers. Enroll your teens in various gyms and your teens would spend less time in sedentary activities like surfing net, watching TV and playing video games.

Take the help of a doctor, if your teens are overweight and are unable to uplift them from sedentary lifestyle. If your teen has suddenly refused to eat certain food including fat or is concerned more of his/her body image or experience sudden change in weight, talk to your doctor.

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