How stroke could be treated with a drug called t-PA?


treating stroke through t-paAlso called brain attack, a stroke take place, when blood flow to the brain interruptedly and brain cells do not get enough oxygen and nutrients they require. Did you know that stroke has two forms — an ischemic stroke and a hemorrhagic stroke? lschemic stroke take place when blood vessel associated with brain gets blocked. While hemorrhagic stroke occurs when bleeding into and around the brain is involved

How to identify if you have stroke?

You may perhaps aware that stroke injures the brain, but a person didn’t realize if they have suffered from stroke. Fortunately, if your colleague having some understanding about the symptoms of stroke may identify a person going through a stroke immediately hence can do something to save the life of a suffered person.


–  A person suffering from stroke will feel sudden numbness or weakness of their face, arm or leg (one side of the body in particular).
–  This person will look confused and have trouble speaking or understanding speech.
–  The person suffering from stroke will find trouble seeing in one or both eyes.
–  This person won’t be able to walk and will lose his/her balance
–  The suffered person may encounter severe headache

What will be your job after seeing a person in this situation?

If you see your associate or other person going through the above symptoms and have been experiencing facial paralysis on one side, you will have to act very fast. Longer the blood flow remains cut off from brain there are greater chances of damage. But immediate treatment can save a person from stroke.

Stroke can be treated with a drug call t-PA. This drug helps in dissolving blood clots which block blood flow to the brain. You have only three crucial hours to save the life of a person from stroke. But in order to treat a person patient should be rushed to the hospital within 60 minutes.

Benefits of treatment —

Consequently, a study by NINDS for five years revealed that if a person gets t-PA within 3 hours of start of stroke symptoms s/he has 30 percent more chance of being recovered with little or no disability after 3 months.

But how you can prevent a stroke?

Now the billion dollar answer to the question, how you can prevent a stroke according to NINDS is “prevention”. It has been found one of the best treatments. But following risk factors increase the chances of a sudden stroke:

Heart Disease
High blood pressure
Diabetes and
High cholesterol

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