How honey controls blood pressure and hearing loss?


curative value of honeyHoney has been in use since time immemorial. It is known to offer health benefits on all parts of the body. There are wide varieties of honey available. But it becomes hard to identify which would be the best of the best lot. For example, White honey is light in nature with a delicate odor. It helps in controlling cough, cold, headaches, rheumatism, stomach aches and pneumonia. Sage honey is dark and golden in color and is effective in treating cough, neurosis and neurasthenia and Sainfoin. Other honeys worth mentioning include Mountain honey, Howthorn Honey, Melitot and wild Marjoram honey, Chestnut honey, Clover honey etc.

Honey’s impact on heart

Honey is a wonder drug for the muscle of the heart as it contains plenty of assimilated glucose. If 70 grams of honey is consumed daily for one or two months, patients with heart problems can feel better. Remember darker the honey better it is. Honey also helps in controlling the blood pressure.

Recipe for reducing cholesterol level

Make a paste of honey mix it with Cinnamon powder apply this mixture on bread instead of using jam or jelly take daily with breakfast. This combo will definitely reduce the cholesterol level in the arteries and reduce the risk of second heart attack.

Useful Tips:

Honey and hearing loss

  •  If honey is taken along with Cinnamon powder in equal parts daily twice a day would definitely restore the hearing.
  • When taken with goat’s milk, White Honey will treat the pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • Even diabetics can take benefit from honey, as it has been found cardiac activity is improved by the injection of fructose or the use of honey.

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