How health scammers fool patients by offering them “miracle cure”?

health miracle cures scammersIf we look around we come across different types of people. Some think on the welfare of others while some selfish people look for their own well-being by putting the life of others in danger. These people espouse different crook ways to play with the life of people, by offering them spurious medications. By the way if you come across various drugs and medications, flaunting their slogan on top of their voice or online advertising pop-ups claiming “miracle cure”, revolutionary breakthrough” or “alternative to drugs or surgery”, and you purchase the same without the recommendation of your physician you are putting your life in danger.

According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “health frauds and scams have been around for hundreds of years, scammers in an effort to fool the customers, advertise their products and services through media”. You often come across various health promotions through magazines, newspapers, TV commercials, online popup ads and spam or through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. According to FDA’S national health fraud coordinator Gary Coody, R.Ph, “Fraudulent health products often contain hidden drug ingredients which could be destructive when patients take them unwittingly. Moreover FDA had identified around 100 weight-loss products which have been illegally marketed as dietary supplements”. According to Coody most of the fraud which FDA has noticed has been on drugs related to condition like weight loss, memory loss, sexual  performance, heart diseases, arthritis, cancer arid Alzheimer. Did you know that a weight loss prescription drug Mendia was withdrawn from the U.S. market when studies showed it increases the risk of heart attack and stroke?

Coody further, noticed that, it has been a herculean task to identify the scammers who are responsible for spamming various websites by offering spurious medications, more especially when spammers sell them online. When FDA discover a spurious website and a notice is sent to the webmaster, the people behind it shut down the website and open another website with other name. However, FDA has offered various tips to identify the rip-offs in health arena.

How to identify rip-offs

  • If you come across slogans like “one product does it all”, don’t buy it, check the organization behind, check from your physician is it all right to purchase it.
  • Don’t just believe in the testimonials – Various firms have hired different writers to write their own testimonials for their products.
  • You can’t lose weight overnight – It is a common sense, you can’t lose your weight over-night. According to FDA, “Beware of language used on health products” like “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days” or “eliminate skin cancer in days”.

All natural products – FDA said firms offer various items in the name “All natural” but contain hidden and untested products. Don’t purchase the items which are offered as “All natural ingredients”. Don’t believe in sensational headlines like “The pharmaceutical industry and government are working on a miracle cure”. As a responsible citizen you are aware till date there are no miracle cures around.

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