How E-readers can help dyslexia patients?


dyslexia-patientsWe know that the condition of dyslexia weakens a person’s ability to read. It can be touted as a brain based disability. Persons having dyslexia have a lower level of intelligence as compared to normal persons. As it happens with other conditions this disorder varies from individual to individual.

People suffering from this condition have difficulty with phonological processing viz., spelling, or rapid visual verbal responding. Did you know that dyslexia can be inherited in some families?

Treatment for dyslexia – The main focus of this treatment relies on some specific learning problems. Affected persons get relief by modifying teaching methods so as to meet the specific requirements of the individual with dyslexia.

Latest Developments — Researchers have always been on their toes to come out with latest developments to get a breakthrough in this condition. Recently, researchers at the Smithsonian revealed that with the growing popularity of e-readers, their team recently discovered that e-readers when programmed in such a way that they display only a few words per line, quite a few persons having dyslexia can read quite easily, quickly coupled with greater comprehension.

Researchers stated that in most of the cases of dyslexia there remains a deficit of visual attention in the persons suffering from this condition. These people can‘t concentrate on letters within words or words within lines of text. Another loophole these people face pertains to visual crowding viz., the affected persons can’t recognize letters when these are cluttered within the word.

But while using e-readers, these issues can be easily sorted out. Thus they promote reading by reducing visual distractions within text. Lead authors of research Mathew H. Schneps, director of the Laboratory for visual learning at Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory said, that within the course of the study they found that at least a third person with dyslexia has visual attention disorder and these people got relief from e-readers.

How e-readers helped affected persons?

During the study e-readers enhanced the speed and efficiency, beside it also improved the wisdom of affected persons to grasp the meaning of the text. The researchers before coming to the conclusion tested the reading comprehension and speed of 103 students with dyslexia at Landmark High School, Boston.

During the study a comparison took place with that of reading on hand held e-reader device with that of reading on paper. Researchers saw great improvement in the pronunciation of students affected with visual attention deficit.

The findings on the study have been published in the September 18 issue of the Journal PLOS ONE.

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