How can you quit smoking and escape lung cancer?

how to quit smoking and escape from lung cancerIf you are thinking of quitting smoking, you are on the right path. You can easily quit smoking if you have the required will power, belief and self-confidence. You must be saying that it is hard to quit smoking as you have attempted before to quit smoking but remained unsuccessful. But if you have sincerely made up your mind to quit smoking nobody can challenge it. Several studies have proved this fact, for example, in one the studies thousands of participants tried to quit smoking but in their first attempt only 172 participants were able to quit smoking, 53 in their second attempt remained successful and 48 participants remained successful in their second attempt. Further, a few of them remained successful in their 7th attempt. However, you can follow the following recommendations if you want to quit smoking:

You can visualize yourself as a non-smoker and act on it.

  • Avoid caffeine, as it increases the craving for nicotine.
  • You can, quit smoking by drinking lots of water and having shower.
  • Why not have a massage and drink lots of water?
  • In order to quit smoking listen to music, choose a non-smoking section of airplanes and restaurants.
  • Don’t go to the area in a social gathering when you see people drinking and smoking.
  • When you encounter urge for smoking put a drop of clove oil on the back of your tongue.
  • Take the assistance of psychotherapy like cognitive-behavior therapy. Join local classes of yoga, meditation and stress management.
  • If you remained unsuccessful go for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). In this therapy low dose of nicotine is provided to the patient via the buccal mucosa in the form of nicotine spray, nicotine lozenges or inhaler patch. NRT helps in reducing the severity of the withdrawal.
  • You can also take the assistance of Clonidine, a medicine, which is used to treat high blood pressure. But Clonidine, has some side-effects too, like you can feel dryness of mouth and drowsiness.
  • You may like to have specialized counselling by a tobacco cessation counselor who will be able to provide you psychotherapy and social support.
  • What benefit would you get when you quit smoking?
  • You will discover food is so tasty and there is stinking smell around.
  • You will save lot of money and improve your fitness
  • If you have chest problem, the frequency of pain would decrease automatically
  • After 15 years of quitting smoking, you would not have the fear of lung cancer
  • Your blood pressure and pulse rate would return to normal and blood circulation will improve substantially

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