Headaches, nervousness, crankiness and bad dreams occur due to sugar craving

sugar craving responsible for headaches


Almost every person has been aware that intake of sugar results in various conditions. Like it causes tooth decay, triggers diabetes, aggravate weight problem and gout too. Lendon Smith, M.D., author of Feed Yourself Right has rightly said that “People can get hooked on anything viz., sugar, honey, alcohol and even milk. With this you have chance to being addictive. But every dark tunnel has light on the other end. You can easily curb or kick the sweet habit. Did you know that kicking the habit requires a lot of consciousness raising? You have to introduce discipline in your life to curb sugar craving.

Keep a diary – If you have decided to curb sugar from your like keep a diary of everything you eat and drink for a week. Check your progress to know which items contain sugar and this will reveal your intake of sugar. Within a week’s time you will come to know how much sugar you have been taking. From second week on wards start eliminating the items. In your breakfast eliminate items which carry sugar in large number viz., cola or soda and a cupcake. It is a fact that Americans eat too much sugar. For example, teenagers take 50 percent of their calories from sugar.

Banish all sugar from your house – It could be a hard decision, but in order to curb sugar craving you have to make up your mind to banish all sugar but do keep a jar of pure raw honey to quench your thirst for sugar craving.

Sugar craving is bad – Did you know that a quick dose of it causes blood sugar to rise rapidly. A majority of people complain about headaches, nervousness, crankiness and bad dreams. These are all caused due to intake of sugar in higher quantity. In order to curb sugar take good and nutritious food like nuts, raw vegetables, fruits, cheese etc.

Take carbohydrates – We all are aware that while grains and fresh vegetables are equipped with nutrition. But sugar addicts don’t give priority to this type of food. When we overload on sweets it leads to vitamin deficiency. Dr. Allen McDaniels, M.D., says when you eat a good well-balanced diet it helps in eliminating sugar craving. Ray C Wunderlich M.D., of St Peterburg, Florida says when you take adequate protein in your diet you are on the way to curb sugar. He further says nuts and sugar are a great substitute for sugar. Try almonds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds instead of sugar rich food.

Take Vitamin B – According to Dr. Smith, Vitamin B particularly niacinamide are important to sugar addicts as it keep blood sugar working at optimal level. Eat whole grains, wheat germ, fresh vegetables to curb sugar craving.

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