Flu during pregnancy can result in premature labor and delivery

dealing with the condition of fluThere would hardly a person who has not tackled the condition of flu ever. When we get flu its symptoms include body aches, tired feeling, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, chills, fatigue, runny or stuffy nose cough and above all fever (100oF or higher fever or feeling feverish). Sometime there is a wrong perception when we did not go to a physician; we fail to understand whether we have flu or a cold. As both these conditions have common symptoms. Did you know that flu is often worse than the common cold? If you have cold this means you should have a stuffy or runny nose. But if you don’t have runny or stuffy nose, but have other conditions like body aches, fever, tiredness and cough this substantiate you have flu.

What to do when you encounter a person with flu?

You should follow the recommendations provided by the physician. Keep the sick person as comfortable as possible. Maintain good hygienic condition at home, wash your hands frequently. Even sick person should also wash his/her hands frequently with soap and water. Keep the sick person in a separate if possible, as it will help in controlling the flu. Make a habit to clean the sick room and bathroom the person is using frequently. If your close friend or even a colleague have got flu, it is not time to visit him/her send ensure to send a text message, email or phone call, as it will help you from getting the flu.

Ask the sick person not to cough and sneeze openly as others will get infected with the flu rapidly. Hold children who are down with flu with their chin on your shoulder this will help you from their cough in your face.

With the help of physician don’t forget to take antiviral medications.

Wash all the linens like bed sheets and towels of the infected person with laundry soap in hot setting. Don’t hug laundry items to your body before washing as it will contaminate yourself.

Flu during pregnancy

You have to take various precautions if you are pregnant and have flu. The flu can bring various changes to your immune system which could become a serious problem for the unborn baby; it may result in premature labor and delivery. Moreover, fever can bring other birth defects during pregnancy.

Lastly, a normal flu could be H1N1 flu, as it has almost the similar symptoms of an ordinary flu. In order to escape from H1N1 flu gets seasonal flu vaccine.

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