Excessive use of technology decrease our intelligence


excessive use of technologyMost of us know reasons behind as to why people do not concentrate on their tasks. Today, the priority of most of the persons remains to make money. That could be the reason that majority of people remain evolved 24/7 straining their mind to come out with new ways to make money. As our mind start wandering from one idea to another, we are unable to concentrate on a task thus fail to achieve our targets. Today most of us remain glued with time saver gadgets and devices. With the click of a mouse button or just swapping a finger we get any information instantly. Instead of letters we have emails to send communication. Thus in an office you can see for yourself, that you can’t concentrate when your smartphone rings, and on the other hand you are replying to an email, on the other side your phone does not stop to ring.

Thus this concurrently multitude of tasks have made our life difficult. In this melee we become hyperactive and have over stimulated approach which inhibits concentration.

According to Dr Glenn Wilson of London’s Institute of Psychiatry, the persistent interruptions and distractions in the office usually effects on workers. He said excessively relying on technology reduces our intelligence.

Thus people in workplace usually have been found distracting by emails and phone calls. In a study Dr Glenn saw a ten-point fall in the IQ of individuals. This drop seems to be too much when we compare it with the study showcasing the impact of smoking marijuana.

No doubt the new technologies unquestionably augment productivity, but when you use it judiciously, but sometimes these new technologies have been found distracting the workers perception. The fast pace of life has make the life of individual a hell. This speed and fast pace of work in fact do more harm than good. We are cramming more and have not been checking our health, diet and relationship. Mental health problems, physical problems like obesity and arthritis occur due to increased stress level. Due to fast pace of life we rely more on food supplements rather than nutritious meals. We intend to take ginkgo-biloba instead of physically walking in a nearby park.

We are spending more time sitting at one place just thinking and contemplating. Instead of relaxing we waste our energy running unnecessarily to achieve material things at the expense of our health. We should be aware of the fact that there is difference between mind and body.

Constant stressful, unfocused activity also put us at risk of degenerative brain disease like Alzheimer. So the point is we should use technology at a slower pace lest we should distract.

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