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health benefits of steam roomsThe other day I was wondering about the steam rooms founded in various hotels and spa centers located all over the world and what benefits they could offer If we look at the history of steam rooms we will come to know that people in Ancient Greece were using steam rooms. In order to do extensive search the Institute of Medical Balneology and Climatology at the University of Munich was also curious to know what benefits these steam room offers. Researchers at University of Munich came to know that there are several ways with which people can benefit from steam rooms.

Here are a few benefits which you can gain through if you have any chance of going one such sauna or steam room:

1.   After spending some time in steam rooms you will notice that your muscles get the best relief besides your joints. When you have relaxed joints and muscles you will not encounter arthritis or have less chance of developing this condition.

2.   Did you know that muscle tension provide migraine and headaches? Thus steam rooms relax your muscles and lower the possibility of stress.

3.   When you take steam, it provides deep nourishment. When you wash your face with water and soap, you clean one of the layers of the skin but sweating helps in opening the pores and skin while cleaning the inner layer.

4.   If you have a healthy skin after steam, you won’t get acne problems, which will also help in preventing wrinkles on your face.

5. If you have been experiencing congestion problem taking steam or going to a steam room will definitely benefit you. When you inhale steam, the steam will make the passage very smooth.

6.   Steam also cures bronchitis and help in preventing allergies, asthma and sinuses.

7.   Steam room also helps in the movement of blood via body. You will definitely achieve better circulation with the help of steam or spending some time in steam rooms.

Harvard health publications reveal that saunas can help in raising your pulse by 30 percent or more i.e. it doubles the amount of blood which heart pumps per minute. But according to a website section of University of Columbia via, “Go Ask Alice”, “Long-term saunas and steam baths lower your pulse. According to this site “Long-term sauna may help in lowering the blood pressure and improve in heart functioning.” The Finnish researchers claim that saunas helps in improving the joint mobility and control pain in those people who suffer from rheumatic diseases. Dr. Andrew Well, a health expert in Finland, saunas decrease muscle stiffness and remove or subsidize pain in patients with arthritis. Finnish Researchers says steam or sauna improve sleep, substantiate stress and improve energy levels.

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