Dealing with the condition of pneumonia


dealing with the condition of pneumonia articleThere are lots of diseases and conditions which come knocking at the door of people without any hue and cry. Of all the diseases and conditions available pneumonia has remained one such disease. Symptoms of pneumonia includes high fever more than 1020 F, fast respiratory rate, problem in breathing, severe chest pain, wheezing, body ache, severe weakness, excessive drowsiness, sweating, coughing up blood and respiratory distress. Thus it can be said pneumonia occurs due to respiratory problem. Pneumonia occurs in children, below the age of five. But anyone can get the condition of pneumonia. For example, there was a famous colleague, who was from well to do family and was working in a Five Star Hotel, unfortunately he died recently; the death of the reason given was that he was suffering from pneumonia. He was healthy and hearty but one gets bewildered to know how a healthy person died due to pneumonia?

On research we found that frequent weather changes can play havoc with a person’s respiratory health including children. If you come across children with the condition of cough, cold and viral infections and are below the age of five can suffer from this condition of pneumonia. When pneumonia strikes it causes inflammation of one or both lungs because the tiny air sacs in the lungs get filled with fluid, making it difficult for the lungs to function properly. If you come across a child with blue tinge to the skin indicates severe pneumonia. Sometime viral pneumonia has also been called walking pneumonia. Symptoms of this condition include muscle ache, mucus and fatigue.

Treatment of pneumonia

The treatment of pneumonia include affected person to be admitted in a hospital and provided oxygen support and intravenous antibiotics.

After Effects of pneumonia

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 22 percent of survivors who escape from pneumonia have to carry forward moderate or severe disability. The complications include deafness, seizures, brain damage and even death.

Prevention of pneumonia

If babies suffer from this condition, for them adequate breastfeeding for the first six months helps in improving an infant’s natural defenses. Children should also be provided adequate nutrition with vitamin A & D including Zinc. Its patients should avoid environmental factors like pollution, smoking, sanitation, overcrowding and hygiene. Did you know that bacterial pneumonia can said to be the leading cause of pneumonia deaths in children? Sometimes delayed anti-biotic treatment also results in the death of a person.

Lately, various preventive methods of treatment of pneumonia have come forward one such treatment can said to be through vaccination Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV). This vaccination could be administered to children also as it also prevents serious meningitis and blood infection caused by bacteria.

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