Dealing with the condition of diabetes

dealing-with-the-condition-of-diabetes_articleIn the 21st century we can see the progress in almost every field. The standard of living of people has become better because they were able to control and eradicate very fatal diseases. With the help of various antibiotics medicine people have been able to got some break through to delay their onset to various infections and constitutional diseases. Some of the constitutional disease includes high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. But of late diabetes have made life deplorable for people all over the world. Diabetes can said to be a new lifestyle disease. In this disease you may perhaps be aware that insulin deficiency causes this disease. This disease can said to be chronic and affects the metabolism of carbohydrate, protein and fat. This disease can’t said to be infectious but it affects that body part where sugar or carbohydrate is accumulated, thus making life hell for a patient.

Symptoms of diabetes

Some of the symptoms associated with diabetes include, feeling of thirst after meals and loss of weight in weariness a person was previously over- weighted. Diabetes occurs when sugar is not burnt and stored in the body as glycogen and fat, which leads to hyperglycemia.

  • Sugar takes excess water and glucose is increased in urine and cause excessive thirst, leading to dehydration in the body.
  • Some other symptoms include muscular and general weakness increases with feeling of heaviness of the legs.
  • Whole metabolism of the body is depressed then. The eyes of a person also get affected.
  • Dehydration due to exercise urinary output.
  • Decreased resistance to injection especially staphylcoceal injection and TB becomes apparent in untreated case of diabetes.

Diet for diabetes

  • No one standard diet can said to be best for diabetes. It varies according to the severity of the diseases, activity and metabolic needs.
  • While taking diet it should contain normal protein.
  • It must satisfy the patient in quantity and quality as far as possible.

Diet to be avoided

  •  A patient should avoid potatoes, yam, colocasia, banana, mangoes, grapes, soft drinks almost all beverages.
  • A patient should abstain from alcohol and wines.
  • S/he should avoid honey, jams, glucose, sugar, sweet cakes and pastries including all sweets. As these items are absorbed rapidly and do not satisfy hunger.

Food allowed liberally

A patient should include diet like green leafy vegetables, vegetable salad.

  • Clean soups, lime and lemonade
  • Black coffee or tea without milk or with milk
  • Take fish, meat and eggs.

Lastly, as has always been required exercise is a must, even for diabetics exercise is necessary, it gives a new lease of life to our body.

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