Cottage cheese with almond butter aids sleep


cottage cheese aids in sleepingYou will find many college students and other persons who often do night shifts, and are unable to get enough sleep. Sleep pattern depends on person to person for example some people get 8 hours sleep while some 6 to 7 hours. But one should remember that quality of sleep has an edge over quantity of sleep. We should be aware of this fact that deep sleep take place early in the night while dream sleep occurs later in night. If you feel relaxed and alert during day time, this means you have taken quality of sleep.
If you are unable to get required sleep

If you fail to get quality of sleep it weakens your immune system. It will affect your mental health and you will become confused, depressed, irritable with lower life satisfaction. When you study during night and sleep for a few hours, you will not remember most of your things in exam. Likewise sleep deprivation leads to various accidents if you are on a vehicle and did not sleep previous night. Moreover, people who drink coffee before sleep won’t get the quality sleep.

What’s the solution?

If you are unable to sleep well in the night you will have to take the assistance of different herbs and food which aids in sleeping. But ensure you eat these herbs or food one to two hour before going to sleep.

Herbs and food which aids sleeping

Cottage Cheese – You can easily consume half to one cup of cottage cheese prior to sleeping. Cottage Cheese has been found a good source of casein protein, which provide amino acids to muscle tissues for long. Along with cottage cheese you can consume almond butter to have a good night sleep.

Warm Milk – According to Ayurveda, if you take warm milk during night it will help you sleep peacefully. You can also add almonds and a bit cardamom to nourish the nervous system and digestion.

Herbal Tea – You can easily take herbal tea before going to bed, until a regular sleep patter is established. Likewise, lime/linden flower tea relieves anxiety, restlessness, agitation and calms down muscle tension thus helps in aiding sleep. It relieves cough and sore throat too.

Passionflower – It has been found one of the bests tranquilizing herbs for chronic insomnia. It aids spasm and tension in the muscles, calms the nerves and lessen pain.

Oatmeal – Most people take oatmeal during breakfast, but it do well during evenings too. After eating oatmeal a serotonin releases which decreases stress and calm down the mind.

Tart Cherries and raspberries – These fruit contain melatonin which helps in aiding sleep.

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