Controlling cough or pertussis through herbal remedies


homemade cough remedyIn our daily life we come across various conditions, which do well to our condition and expel poison from our body naturally. They help us to regain our productive health. Of all the conditions we encounter cough or say it pertussis has been one such condition which bothers us in one way or the other. This could be the reason as to why everyone has been looking for home cough remedies, natural cough remedy or homemade cough remedy for their near and dear ones. When we talk about this condition we come to know about various symptoms associated with it like we would like to know if the cough persists for a long time and whether it has been a symptom of acute cough, smoker’s cough, asthmatic cough, dry cough, pulmonary cough, or ACE inhibitor cough. Cough in reality can’t said to be a disease it is just a symptom or condition, which come to our rescue in expelling something dangerous from our lungs and helps in our breathing without any compromise. Cough or pertussis when not treated suitably creates more problems for a person as s/he may tackle problem in breathing due to congestion in airway passage.

Doctors usually classify cough into two categories acute cough or chronic cough. In the case of acute cough they last for less than three weeks while chronic cough lingers on for more than three weeks. Acute cough could be infectious and noninfectious. For example acute cough could be due to viral upper respiratory infection like common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia while noninfectious reason could be due to asthma or environmental allergies. Did you know that in a productive cough, you see phlegm or mucus coming out? This cough often clears the mucus from the lungs.

Homemade cough remedy

No matter with which condition you have been suffering from first you have to take the advice of your physician if the cough is unable to calm down for long. Otherwise, there are various herbal remedies for cough available which can help you in treating this condition.

  1. Peppermint – This herbal remedy for cough can help you in soothing and minimizing the pain which cough usually brings.
  2. Take ginger with honey – When you take ginger with honey it helps in warming the airway which cough brings and often heals the passages slowly making easier for you to breathe.
  3. Usage of thyme – Thymus vulgaris has been known to immediately control the persistent cough; it without any doubt has been an alternative to cough syrup for almost anyone.
  4. Use Violet flower – Herbalists says that this flower and its leaves have the potential to relieve persistent cough and it poses a great alternative for cough syrup.
  5. Honey – This great tonic is not only cheaper with other aggressive cough syrups available, but it treats cough naturally without any after effects and is safe.

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