Combat colds in babies with essential oils like mountain pine, myrtle, niaouli


combat colds in kids with essential oilsBabies and children too have a penchant for smell. Did you know that it takes only six weeks for babies to recognize their mothers scent? For babies and children, you can use essential oils in an aroma lamp and place them in your kid’s room or playroom as today people prefer aroma lamp. Kids usually like the fragrance of honey oil, tangerine, orange, Roman Chamomile and rose. Slightly older children like the smell of cinnamon, lemon, orange and oils with a flowery smell.

You can also change your baby’s mood with fragrance by making a necklace from cotton ball of cotton or silk filled with different fragrances like lavender, rose leaves, chamomile etc. 1f you find your baby irritated or restless due to teething or flatulence, use Roman Chamomile and lavender in your aroma lamp, which will soothe the problem. If you wish to treat colic related problem try fennel along with Roman Chamomile in the aroma lamp. Try to use fennel on the Child’s tummy which will wok magically.

To combat colds in babies and kids use essential oils like mountain pine, myrtle, niaouli, eucalyptus and lemon. Use half the amount of essential oils in the aroma lamp that you would use for adults. You can also utilize these essential oils in the bath water of the kids. For small kids add 1 to 5 drops of essential oil like Roman Chamomile and Vanilla mixed in honey with one tablespoon of sweet cream to the bath water However, ensure to keep essential oil away from children in a safe place. Did you know that lavender fragrance placed in a room at bed time helps calm a restless kid?

You can also choose essential oil for a baby’s massage as regular massage help in strengthening them and prevent colic. Unfortunately, today commercial baby oils contain inexpensive mineral oil, which as a longer shelf life. This oil tends to dry the skin and fails to be absorbed fully in a child’s skin.

However, you make your own baby oil by using sweet almond oil as a base and by adding a small amount of calendula oil. You can also use a few drops (2 to 5 drops) of essential oils like rose, chamomile and tangerine. You may perhaps know that pleasant fragrances were once considered a sign that the gods were present while unpleasant smell indicates the presence of unkind or malevolent powers, which is why illness is considered as a sign that someone had lost connection with the gods.

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